• Developing Smarter Software Solutions That Automate & Organize Your Business

GCC Innovative Technologies, LLC
is proud to announce the national release of

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an industry-changing  business development platform

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Eliminate Redundancies

GCC has developed software solutions to organize business efforts into a single web based platform to eliminate duplication of efforts and foster collaborative and automated sharing of information and tasks.

Allows Visibility into Otherwise Hidden Schedules

GCC offers quick and easy viewing of all business operations through a variety of software tools and products. We understand the importance of the big picture combined with the understanding of the details at all levels.

Pursue More Opportunities Without Increased Staff

Through automation, GCC provides you the tools to build business faster with less infrastructure and investment while yielding the highest return for each and every user.

Increase Revenue

GCC understands that the ultimate goal of any business is to increase revenue and reduce expenses. Our tools increase the number of opportunities while maintaining staffing levels. This combination results in an increase in customers and profit.

Easily Tie BD Efforts to Financials

GCC products provide a full lifecycle of business tools to ensure that throughout all processes, situational awareness of high level financial is readily available with appropriate metrics to promote rapid decision making.

Provide Visibility into Project Costs

By joining all your employee data, project data, scheduling, costs and other key information, key personnel have the ability to easily report on all programs with real time insight by customers.